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Larry's Report on Trade Fair and Colonial Meal

Friends has completed its last project for 2012! Many thanks to all of those who worked so hard this year on our many projects. The 2012 18th Century Trade Fair held on November 16 and 17, and the Colonial Harvest Meal held on November 17 were, in my opinion, a great success.

Friday was a little slow but Saturday was excellent. There must have been more than 100 visitors on Saturday, many of which also toured the Fort. The Fort was lit up nicely, the Gift Shop all decorated for Christmas, the fires were burning and smoke slowly drifted above the Fort. The weather was cold in the morning but it was sunny and warmed up quickly. People were out and moving about. I looked around and there were visitors everywhere. The parking areas around the Conference Center were packed. The main parking lot had at least two full rows deep. It was good to see so much activity at the Fort.

I worked all day Saturday and dined that night in the Ordinary, basically spent the entire day at the Fort. First time I ever did that. I worked with Tommy, Eddie, Archie and Lisa. They were all dressed out in period dress which added a nice touch. I was displaying the new Friends T-Shirt. We handed out 23 Friends Brochures with Application Insert. It was really fun to meet and get to know so many interesting people from all over!

There was a great selection of vendors and you could buy about anything you needed. There was a fellow playing period musical instruments and that was very cool. I did the following short video of the hammered dulcimer that filled the air.

The raffle was won by Pam Phillips from Shelbyville. The prize was a compact pouch, horn, patch knife and powder measure combo, very nice. There was very good participation in the raffle and it generated about as much money as the door. One young man waited near us for a while thinking he might win.

There was a "silent auction" of several items. We provided free coffee for the vendors and folks could buy snacks, drinks and hot chocolate. I checked out all of the vendors and got to know several of them. Each could tell an interesting story and they knew the history of their wares! There were many highly skilled artists and craftsman among the vendors.

The Harvest meal was great fun! The East steps, gate and entire walkway inside the Fort were beautifully lit with luminaries and candle lanterns. There were many people so I did a quick head count in the dark and counted at least 50 people either in line waiting for the Meal or touring the Fort, and several of them were in period dress.

The meal was sure a different experience for me. It was not on my "Bucket List" actually. It just never occurred to me that one day I would eat dinner in the George Rogers Clark Blockhouse. I thank David or whoever came up with the idea. It turned out to be great fun! The Blockhouse was packed to the rafters! The food and service were both excellent! Beaumont Inn did a great job on the food. The servers were on it!

My wife and I sat with four people from the Boonesborough Friends group. They were decked out in period dress and quite interesting. David announced that next year, the Meal would be two nights so more could attend, which is very good news. The Colonial Harvest Meal is a great idea and it is going to grow.

There are some ways we can improve the Trade Fair and Meal and I am sure we will be discussing that in the coming months. I took a few photos which you can check out by clicking the "Videos/Photo Collections" link on the Nav Bar to your left.

These pictures are not as good as I would like and I will do better. They do give you an idea of how things were laid out. They are large photos and slow to load so please be patient.


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