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Early Craftsman Fair line-up

Carl King: Dry Ridge Blacksmith

Ossie Prater: Prater Leather Pouches

Harry McCarty: Indian Forge

Shelly Graves: Blue Sage Mercantile

Jeanette Hillard: Early American Clothing

Bill Smith: Leather bags and Horns

Michelle DeEsch: Native Clothing and Beadwork

John Curry: Author

Bob Ruth: Leather work - mocassins

A.B. Conley: Frontier Gun Shop

Tommy Barnett: Horner

Bjoern Lorezen: Beechfork Traders

Lisa Crews: Woodridge Studio

Rick Pennington: Leather work

Tina Hitchner: Basket weaving

Gary Tucker: Gunsmith


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Colonial Harvest Meal Menu Set

We are excited to announce that the menu for the Colonial Harvest Meal on November 17, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Fort Ordinary has been set. The meal will be prepared by Beaumont Inn in traditional colonial style and members of Friends will serve the guests.

smoked turkey
roasted pork (with herbs)
mashed turnips
onion pie
apple dumplings

36 seats are available and about 30 seats have already been reserved. Reserve your seats today! $25 per person. Tickets available at Fort Box Office. 734-3314

Click for more info:

Historical Note:

Salmagundi is a salad dish, originating in the early 17th century in England, comprising cooked meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, leaves, nuts and flowers and dressed with oil, vinegar and spices.

In English culture the term does not refer to a single recipe, but describes the grand presentation of a large plated salad comprising many disparate ingredients. These can be arranged in layers or geometrical designs on a plate or mixed. The ingredients are then drizzled with a dressing. The dish aims to produce wide range of flavours and colours and textures on a single plate. Often recipes allow the cook to add various ingredients which may be available at hand, producing many variations of the dish. Flowers from Broom and sweet violet were often used.

Report on Arts Festival

The Mercer Arts Council annual Fall Arts Festival concluded around 3:00 pm Sunday under threat of wind and rain. We watched one tent go down, then two, then when the Boy Scouts' tent went down, we all knew it was time to pack it in. The vendors cleared out in a hurry, including us! Our's was the best tent and performed flawlessly! The wind caused further problems by blowing customers hotdogs off the table and sending little chunks of flying debris into everything.

We sold hot dogs, smoked sausage, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, candies, soft drinks and water. The smoked sausages were the favorite.

The Boy Scouts local Troop 127 sold fruit cobblers, chili and water. We cooked up a deal with the Scouts whereby a customer could add a big dose of chili to their hotdog or sausage for $1.00 or you could have a bowl of chili with your hotdog or hamburger. The Scouts were very friendly to us and we enjoyed working with them. They helped us fix our grill and bought from us and we thank them for that.

There were, in my estimation, about 18 vendors total. One vendor sold small painted concrete items and seemed to be very busy both days. You could ride a horse drawn carriage, listen to a live band or a storyteller just to name a few of the available activities.

We took in about $350 over the two days.

A very special thanks to Arizona, who cooked about 13 hours over the two days, and to Lisa, Michelle, Josh and Archie who worked hard to make it happen for the group. I enjoyed working with Arizona and Archie on Day 2, and I thought we made a good team. Thanks guys! 

Also, thanks to Emmanuel for all his help throughout the event.

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