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Do you know who these men were?

Here's a riddle for you. Who were these men?

Blackford, Joseph
Blair, James
Brown, James
Brown, John
Campbell, Arthur
Campbell, William
Chapline, Abraham
Clark, John
Cowan, Jared
Cowan, John
Crawford, John
Crow, John
Crow, William
Davis, Azaria
Davis, James
Doran, Patrick
Dugan, Henry
Fields, William
Garrett. William
Glenn, David
Glenn, Thomas
Harlan, Elijah
Harlan, James
Harlan, Silas
Harmon, John V.
Harrod, Levi
Harrod, Thomas
Henton, Evan (John)
Hire, Abraham
Hogan, Henry
Kerr, James
Martin, William
Mortimer, William
Myers, William
Ooley, Peter
Poague, George
Quirk, Thos.
Rees, Azor (Azaria)
Sanders, James
Shelp, John
Smith, John
Sodowsky, James
Stull, Martin
Venable, William
Wiley, James
Williams, David
Wilson, John
Zane, Andrew

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