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Greg Harrod

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About Me
Hunting, fishing, guns (black powder and modern), Civil War relic hunting and collecting, dogs, Cowboy Action Shooting, history, genealogy, gun club and Masonic Lodge activities.

Favorite Music
Bluegrass! The REAL stuff, aka truegrass, as opposed to "newgrass".

Favorite Movies
Last Of The Mohicans, The Mountain Men, Jeremiah Johnson,Glory,Gettysburg, Tombstone, Wild Bill, True Grit (recent version), Lonesome Dove, Streets of Laredo

Favorite Books
Empire Of The Summer Moon, Flying Through Midnight, Huckleberry Finn, Company Aytch, All For The Union, Four Brothers In Blue, A Company Of Heros, Four Years With General Lee, To Ride Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth, Unrepentent Sinner.

Favorite Quotations
"Working in corrections can be good experience for a young man, if you know when to quit!" (me) "Boy, there is no argument anyone can make against something that works!" (Grandpa Bloyd)

General About Me
US Air Force veteran and retired District of Columbia Corrections Officer. State certified Private Investigator and former Insurance Fraud investigator, Presently employed part-time in a training capacity with a government contractor in the D.C. metro area. Married to wife Judi for almost 25 years. No kids, just dogs (our furry kids).

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