Clark's Powder Run

January 11, 2014 1:00 pm

(Photos Courtesy of Jill Cutler)

On January 11, 2014, the Spies of Harrodsburg were called into duty to re-create the last mile of the journey taken by George Rogers Clark, James Harrod and about 30 men from the Fort to escort 500 pounds of black powder back to Fort Harrod. Without the powder, the Fort and all of its inhabitants would have been lost.

Our group was about 15. The cold January weather broke a little that day and we enjoyed 45 degree weather, but strong cold winds. We gathered at the Fort and walked to Diamond Point. From there, we retraced as closely as we could the last one mile of the actual walk taken by Clark's group.

For the complete story as told by John Curry, check out the following link:


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