Our Members

The "Guardians of the Fort"


Larry D. Catlett, President

Jeanette Hillard, Vice President

Jill Cutler, Secretary

Michael Coleman,Treasurer

Board of Directors

Mary Barlow

John Curry

Eddie Dugan

Archie Hillard

Jeanette Hillard

Alex Probus


Lifetime Members

The following Members have been given lifetime membership in Friends of Fort Harrod in recognition of their major contributions to our Mission. Each Lifetime Member has donated $1,000.00 or more!

Thank you very much to each of you!

Carol Conover

Rodney Collins

Wayne Estes

​Jerry & Sandra Wallin

Tim Peters

Lois Mateus Peters




Larry Catlett

Jeanette Hillard

Lisa Botner Goodrich

Mary Barlow

Jill Cutler

Eddie Dugan

Maggie Dugan

Alex Probus

Pamela Hoots

Joe Finn

Steve Phipps

Bill Covington

John Curry

Ronetta Curry

Toni Preston

Robert Preston

Harrodsburg First Main Street Program

Robin Ison

Ken Hill

St. Philip's Episcopal Church

Dennis W. Lory

James Matthew Douthitt

Shelley Douthitt

Benjamin Douthitt

Noel Turner

Susan Turner

Wesley Carter

Shirley Walker

Debbie Sears

Teresa Noel

David Ransdell

Lois Ransdell

Sonny Ransdell

Marian Bauer

Robert Black

William Patrick Hatchett

Victoria L. Reed

Edward Markunas

Michael Coleman

Will McGinnis

Susan McGinnis

Kim King

Cary King

David Kirkpatrick

Daralyn Kirkpatrick

Aiden Kirkpatrick

Mimi Gosney

Barry Steele

Kimberly Steele

June Ison

Diane Weber-Hampson

Debbie Hayslett Webb

Kenneth Prevett

Anna Armstrong

Joe Jordan

Maggie Jordan

Mandy Dick

Glenn Teater

Jan Teater

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