James Harrod The Man and His Family by Rebecca Wilson Conover


"Friends of Fort Harrod" is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit, charitable and educational organization dedicated to preserving the memory and legacy of James Harrod and Old Fort Harrod. This book is posted here strictly for historical and educational purposes in furtherance of that goal. This book in PDF format is intended for your personal use only. Please do not save or make copies or distribute these materials to anyone else for any reason! If you would like a copy, you may purchase one at The Harrodsburg Herald for about $6.00.

"James Harrod The Man and His Family" by Rebecca Wilson Conover is an excellent short book about the life and family of James Harrod. It focuses upon the personal life of James Harrod rather than his many adventures. It is only 16 pages long but full of interesting facts and information. Just click the book cover below to begin reading. Enjoy!

Side Note: Rebecca Wilson Conover is the daughter of Peter Nolan Wilson who built the reproduction of Old Fort Harrod in 1927.

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