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2018 Schedule of Events

More Park Information

Wayne Estes Rifle Raffle

This sweet prize can be yours for a $5 raffle ticket.

This is the "Wayne Estes Rifle Raffle", sponsored by Friends of Fort Harrod. This raffle is a non-profit, charitable raffle conducted solely to raise funds to benefit Fort Harrod and the Old Fort Harrod State Park. No person involved in this raffle receives any compensation. All proceeds will used to make repairs and improvements and purchase needed equipment at Fort Harrod and the Old Fort Harrod State Park. Our goal is for Fort Harrod to be and remain a viable tourist destination and to preserve the unique history of James Harrod and his Fort that won the West.

Tickets are $5 each. The drawing will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2017 at 3:00 pm during the 2018 Old Fort Harrod Settlement and Raid. You can purchase tickets from any member of Friends of Fort Harrod.

Tickets are available at 134 South Main Street in Harrodsburg, former Mercer County National Bank building, from 9-4 daily.

The prize is valued at $1,650.00! The rifle was built by Master Gunmaker Wayne Estes of Paris, Kentucky. It is simply beautiful in all respects! It is iron mounted, styled as an early Lebanon/Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1760-1770) working man's rifle. It features a "B" profile swamped Colerain .50 caliber barrel, M&G Continental Flintlock, Davis Triggers, 1/4 x 32 Chambers touch hole, stocked in fine quarter sawed sugar maple from Harrison Gunstocks of Bradford, Tennessee.

All proceeds go to benefit only Fort Harrod and the Old Fort Harrod State Park!

Don't hesitate, buy your tickets now!

Larry Catlett, President, Friends of Fort Harrod

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